Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I'm doing at the RNC in Las Vegas

The Romance Novel Convention commences in about a week in Las Vegas: Aug 7-11 (Wed-Sun)

What I'm doing:

Meet and Greet: Saturday, after the expo, I'm doing a Meet-and-Greet--sign up to say hi and chat with me (grill me like a fish) for ten minutes. Each person who comes will get a gift bag. Sign up here:

or at the convention.

I'll be signing books at the expo too! I've ordered Shifters and Mackenzies through B&N, and will be bringing along my indie pubs in those series as well.

I'm also doing a Social: Food and drink, a gift basket giveaway, and little gifties for attendies. I'm not sure yet when and where this will take place--still waiting for word (at the convention, in the hotel, obviously...). Check the program when you arrive.

I'm also doing a couple of workshops for writers:
1. Professional jealousy: What it is; why it is; how to handle it if you're the envious one--how to use it to make you a better writer; how to let go; what to do if you find envy directed at you.

2. Being a Hybrid author in today's marketplace: I've never joined the faceoff in indie pubbing vs. traditional publisher pubbing: Each has its opportunities and strengths, each has its weaknesses. And they change every day! I'll tell you how to use hybrid publishing to help boost your career, warn you of the pitfalls, and motivate you to take charge of your writing career. *You* are in the driver's seat.

I hope to see a lot of you out there! (But I always say, that if only two people come to my workshop, they deserve the best darn workshop they can get. Size doesn't matter. :-))

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Saturday, July 06, 2013


I know I haven't done a lot of updating lately, but that means behind the scenes, I'm working like crazy. I just turned in the page proofs of Daniel's book, which means ARCs should be available soon!!

I also turned in The Untamed Mackenzie, which will be out in e- in September (print to follow).

I'm also very busy with the Captain Lacey mysteries, which many of my Jennifer Ashley fans also like. Captain Lacey has a pretty new website at: http://www.gardnermysteries.com, and there are some updates on that series on the blog posts there.

And I 'm also going nuts writing more Shifters (Graham's book, and Jace's story). Rebecca and Walker will have a tale too!

When I come up for air, I'll post more updates. :-)

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