Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Behind on things

This is a blog post to say I'm behind--on everything. I'm struggling to finish a ms. this week, and I'll be catching up this weekend (that's the plan anyway; I might just collaspe instead.)

Thanks to those who have written to me about Highlander Ever After--I appreciate every email and will reply when I can! I'm glad to hear Egan is such a great hero, which is the majority of comments I'm getting. :-) Who can resist a man in a kilt?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogging at RR@H

I'm blogging today over at Romance Reader at Heart: Novel Thoughts & Book Talk. Books are being given away to a randomly drawn commenter.

I went to a fantastic conference last weekend (Desert Dreams in Arizona). I should not be allowed at book signings. I'm supposed to be signing my books, right? Well, any time someone isn't at my table, I'm out there buying books. I'm such a fan girl. I stopped myself after I'd snagged Vicki Lewis Thompson's latest, and an antho with Jade Lee and Julie Kenner, and a HQ Blaze by Dawn Atkins.

Then I drooled on Mary Jo Putney because her books seriously influenced me to become a historical romance writer. I'd toyed with the idea of writing hist. rom. (I was first a fantasy writer), but I couldn't find a historical in a style that spoke to me. Then I read hers, and was hooked!

She was kind about the drool. I bought a book, so I hope that made up for too much spittle.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Highlander Ever After

I should mentinon that Highlander Ever After is out!! In stores near you. Wherever you happen to be. It should be not only in bookstores, but in Target, Walmart, Kmart and grocery stores.

I like to encourage readers to buy from independent bookstores when you can, especially if you have a good one near you. Not everyone has a good indie bookseller in their town, so I'm glad my books are available in the big stores and also online, but I love the indies!

I'm lucky to have two excellent indies where I live. Even though it's sometimes a drive to get to them, I do trek down to them to buy what I can. (Especially when they have my favorite authors signing--like Charlaine Harris in May. I'm there!)

You can click here to find an indie bookstore near you:

Ok, spiel over. Please enjoy Highlander Ever After! For links to a blurb, except, and all that jazz, please click over to my main website